Our investment philosophy is based upon the Wealth Allocation Framework developed by Dr. Ashvin B. Chhabra, Chief Investment Officer at the Institute for Advanced Study. In closely assessing your needs and desires (through in-depth consultations), we custom-design an investment strategy and asset allocation model that help you realize your goals.

Our investment management process begins with an evaluation of three categories of risks:

Personal Risk (jeopardy to current lifestyle)
Market Risk (maintenance of current lifestyle)
Aspirational Risk (opportunity to improve lifestyle long-term)

Each of these risks, in concert, guides our creation of a detailed Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that outlines your net worth, cash flow, risk tolerance, investment objectives, and investment strategies.

For each risk category (personal, market, aspirational), a risk-adjusted investment strategy is developed and assigned an appropriate benchmark. Investable assets required to maintain your current lifestyle are measured against consumer price inflation and the federal funds rate. Likewise, investable assets for long-term lifestyle maintenance are measured against broad-based market indices, such as the S&P 500, Barclay's Bond Aggregate, and MSCI World Index. And assets that have the potential to enhance your lifestyle over an extended-term, by outperforming broad market indices, are benchmarked against Forbes' Cost-of-Living-Extremely-Well Index and the HFRX Absolute Return Value Index.

Once an investment strategy is implemented, we consistently monitor your portfolio with regard to performance, global economic conditions, and your life circumstances. Generally, we rebalance asset allocations annually, or more frequently, if necessary, depending on the dynamics of market conditions. In-person meetings offer an opportunity to review investment results, discuss non-financial issues and to assess life events that could impact your financial priorities.