Our Planning Philosophy

"You are the axis of our financial planning. Without your active participation, there is no plan."

WestFuller Advisors recognize that no two people have the same "DNA" (Desired Needs Assessment).

With each client, WFA conducts an extensive 1-to-1 consultation to understand your needs and desires. The less we talk during consultations, the more we learn of your desires and goals. We prepare a wealth strategy and Investment Policy Statement (IPS) customized to your lifestyle and aspirations. At WFA, there will never be a cookie cutter solution for you to choose from.

We ask you to consider:

"What does money mean to you?"
"What do you want from life?"
"What are you willing to do to attain it?"
"What are your hopes and fears, concerns for the future?"

This strategy also includes analyzing your overall assets and income sources: investments, retirement plans, real estate, annuities, stock option plans, inheritance, and more. When you see in writing a statement that reflects your goals, your relationship and commitment to them are strengthened. And it propels you to achieve.

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